Deep Spirit and Deep Ecology – The Science of Reconnection #2

Join us on 19 August for our event, Deep Spirit (link), where we will practice the science of reconnection through mantra and music.

So, once we realise the problem is disconnection, what is the answer?

Our modern society is leaving us with increasingly few spaces to reconnect outside the bounds of the profit margin. Increasingly, every aspect of the human experience is being consumed by capitalism, which in turn churns out nicely consumable bite-sized chunks of humanity, for a price of course.

The damage is subtle, and in general we are so absorbed in modern pleasures that we don’t see this process that is enveloping our world, bit by bit. Things that used to be free increasingly have a price tag attached, meaning that used to be ours is now sold back to us at a price, open spaces for engagement are replaced by playgrounds where money is the only language.

If you want to connect in the modern world, you need cash money.

Unfortunately for us, the human being has an innate desire to connect. Connecting gives us meaning, it makes us feel alive.

This increasing sense of disconnection amongst the marginalised is what leads to anti-social and destructive behaviour. Our connections serve to keep us balanced, to keep our perspective clear. The more we are disconnected, the more we are in our own head, the more we stop making contact with reality, the reality we share with others.

The drive to connect is the deepest aspect of our nature, and we have termed it spirituality.

Luckily for us, the world is practically filled with spiritual technologies handed over from saints and sages, past and current, with the specific goal of helping us reconnect.

And that is the purpose of our event, Deep Spirit.

Go Deep.


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