Deep Spirit and Deep Ecology – The Science of Reconnection #1


Join us on 19 August for our event, Deep Spirit (link), where we will practice the science of reconnection through mantra and music.

What exactly is wrong with the world?

This is the defining question of our generation. Are fossil fuels the problem?  Is it our economic system? Is it consumerism? Does the problem lie with oppressive regimes, or overly permissive ones? Are humans the problem?

As this debate rages on in boardrooms and offices across our planet, mother earth is burning. The word mother here is more than just a flourish of the pen. She is our mother. She gave birth to us and she sustains us. She raises us and gives us all we need to flourish. Under her we are all brothers and sisters, suckling from the same teat.

In this then, lies the answer. Far from being a sentimental appeal to the knowledge of old, the perception of the earth as our mother gives us the piece of the puzzle that we are missing. The world in which ancient people lived was much different from what we know today. Sure, it was the same sky, same seas, and even the same people, but it was different in how it was seen. The understanding of interconnectivity was a given in most ancient cultures. The river was seen as a person, and as such it was given respect. The forest was sacred, and as such it was used sparingly. We were all sparks of the Divine, one family.

But now we have progressed. We understand now that only humans have personality, and so the river is ours to use. That sacredness is imaginary, and so we can clear the forest. Where once we were one among many, now we are the masters of all we survey. And what a glorious freedom, is it not? We stand at the dawn of the anthropocene, the age of Man. Looking around us, we see the proud forests relegated to their rightful place, rivers that used to flow where we wanted to build have been shown the light, and our animal companions have finally become useful to us as we exploit every aspect of their being for our profit. Surely, this is the golden age.

We are told almost daily that we are at the pinnacle of human development, a wonderful time full of opportunity and wealth. But by what standard? We have gained economic opportunity at the cost of our non-human siblings, we have made paper money but lost natural value, we have built much, but lost more. Roles that used to be fulfilled by nature are now in our hands.

Then why so many problems?

Ecological, social, political. If we are the pinnacle, why does it seem that we are falling apart?

The answer is simple: disconnection. Our focus on the parts have lead us to forget the whole, our focus on results has ignored the process. No amount of technology will save us now. No political movement will give us what we need. As the gaping wound starts to show, our band-aids start to flaunt their ridiculous inadequacy.

What we need, is to reconnect…

And that is the purpose of Deep Spirit. Our events are not a party, they were not simply meant for a good time. Using sound as our tool, we try to practice the science of reconnection to benefit the whole world.


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